Best Taj Mahal Yarn | 100% Pure Merino Wool

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Style Code: G-Tw-01 | Material: 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool |  Colour: Off White  |   Shape: Hank |  Product Type: Woolen Yarn|  Season: A/W | Needle Size: UK 8(4mm), Crochet Size : UK 10(3.25mm)

Count Constructions: (19.5 Micron Tec) / Nm 26/2*6  |  Yarn Stands: 6  |  Yarn Length (Mtr): 108  |  Net Weight (Grams):50

Neem Wood | Product Packing:100% Biodegradable Product
Manufacturer: India

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100% Extra Fine Merino Wool, Soft, Rich And Warm, Best For Cold Conditions, Flame Retardant.

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Benefits of Merino Woolen

  • Wool pills less, as compared to other synthetic fibers like acrylic, fibers of which can stick to your skin, wool won’t.
  • Wool is a natural insulator hence warmer than synthetics or other fibers.
  • Wool is naturally safe. It is not known to cause allergies and does not promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Wool is naturally Anti-Static – (Synthetics produces a lot of static charge)
  • Wool is renewable, Biodegradable – when mixed with soil it decomposes and becomes part of soil in short time.
  • Wool is Flame retardant; it retards the flame growth unlike synthetics.
  • Wool has high level of UV protection (much higher than cotton or synthetics).
  • Wool has natural elasticity and bounce as compared to cotton – which tends to rigid, flat.
  • Wool is Anti-Wrinkle, wool fibers and yarns and spring, coil like bounce back to regain original shape when bent with pressure.
  • Wool is stained resistant, Wool has an outer protective layer which prevents stain from being absorbed hence, stains on wool are easily removable and washable.
  • Wool has best absorption of moisture and water.
  • Oduor resistant – Wool absorbs sweat and releases it into the air, Wool a breathable fiber.

Properties of Merino Wool

Merino sheep produces very soft, good quality wool, good colour.

Wool Microns: Most common range for wool microns for Hand knitting yarns is 19 to 32.

Care Instructions for Your Merino Wool

  • Wash of Wool: it should be washed by hand with care to avoid felting or shrinking.
  • Hand Washing: use cold water only and mix with an approved wool detergent. Submerge the knit fabric in the water and wash quickly for only a few minutes, do not soak. Carefully rinse the knit fabric with cold water. Squeeze as much water out of the knit fabric as possible but remember do not twist or wring the knit fabric. Wrap the knit fabric in a towel to remove all excess water. Pull knit fabric back to shape and lay it flat on a new towel to let it dry in a cool place, do not dry in direct heat or sunlight.
  • Ironing: it is very important to read the care label on your knitwear to determine the ironing instructions. Set the iron on the wool setting or medium-hot. Lay the knit fabric flat and reshape gently by hand. Spray the knit fabric with a little water before applying the iron to the knit fabric surface or use the steam function and apply steam to the knit fabric. Do not apply too much pressure as this could lead to scorching or the surface to become shiny. After ironing lay the knit fabric flat to cool for 5 minutes before folding and storing as this will create further crease lines.
  • Store Smart: knitwear should be folded and stored flat, never stored on a hanger as this will cause stretching and the knit fabric will grow out of shape. When packing your knitwear away for the summer season ensure they are freshly washed and dried completely, do not pack away if they are slightly damp. Pack your knitwear in an airtight sealed container away from direct sunlight. For extra protection from moths, we recommend you use a moth repellent to store in a sealed container.
  • Pilling: Pilling is caused by rubbing during wear and is a natural process of knitwear. All-natural fibers have a natural tendency to move to the surface where they are subject to friction. This causes the surface yarn to intertwine with wear which results in pilling.
    Pilling can be prevented by turning your knit fabric inside out when washing. After your garments have been washed a few times their fibers will strengthen, which will lessen the pilling.
  • Stain Removal: Treating your knit fabric immediately can help prevent staining. Dab the area with a solvent based stain remover or eucalyptus oil, applying a small amount at a time and working inwards to avoid spreading. Rinse the treated area with cold water and then hand wash as per washing instructions. Ensure to always try a test patch on the knit fabric before attempting to remove a stain.
  • Repairing Holes & Snags: knitwear garments are delicate items that need to be handled with care. It is recommended to remove all loose jewellery when dressing to minimize pulls and snags.


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